Home Foundations Take Its Toll Due To Poor Soil And Weather Conditions

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Reasons Concrete Foundations Go Bad

According to Digital Journal, building foundations suffer from damage due to:

There are many reasons why foundations can suffer damage. The area of Northern Texas where Ft Worth is located has an abundance of clay soils, which shows a tendency to expand. This characteristic can cause the house or other building to shift and become misaligned. The longer this process goes on, the higher the level of damage is likely. Irrespective of the type of soil and the progression of the damage, the contractors at Fort Worth can identify the problem and repair it accurately.

Drought Can Damage Your Home Foundation

Many homes that don’t have sprinkler systems and don’t get watered regularly can suffer foundation damage if drought hits according to NBCDFW News:

The extreme heat and lack of rain in North Texas this summer is a one-two punch for home foundations, and some repair companies report double the normal number of calls.

“You just get through the ones in the order they’re received,” said Justin Bryant, vice president of Arlington-based Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas. “Yesterday we took over 500 calls.”

Bryant said drought conditions are the worst in years.  None of this however would affect the concrete formliners around the area.